Kidneys perform many vital functions such as filtering blood, maintaining homeostasis, absorbing essential nutrients, removing metabolic wastes, and secreting hormones. Yoga helps massage the internal organs and stimulate their activity. In certain cases, one may have to stimulate more than one organ to enhance a specific activity. Here we see which yoga poses help prevent kidney problems.

Boat Pose – Paripurna Navasana


This pose strengthens the deep hip flexor and the abs. In this, you must remain seated on the tailbone and your sitting bones.

– Start from the sitting position on the floor.
– Place your hands beside you on the floor palm downwards.
– Lift both your legs together off the floor. They must make an angle of 45 degrees with the floor.
– Raise your hands so that they remain parallel to the floor. Keep your spine erect and supple.
– Strengthen your inner core, open your shoulder blades, and tighten your shoulders. Push your tailbone into the floor.
– Maintain the pose for a count of ten. Relax and come to the seated position. Repeat the cycle at least 6 times.

Avoid the exercise if you have injuries to the back. People with low blood pressure, heart problems, or insomnia must avoid doing this.

Bridge Pose – Setu Bandha

Bridge Pose

This pose stimulates all the abdominal organs including the kidneys. It removes the stress in the body and helps you keep high blood pressure under control.

– Start from the supine position on the yoga mat.
– Make your buttocks tight, push your tailbone into the pubis, and press on the floor with your inner feet and arms.
– Keep your arms straight on the floor beside you. Raise your buttocks off the floor and make the body straight.
– Lengthen the tailbone and push the pubis towards the navel.
– Lift your chin off the chest bone and open your shoulder blades.
– Hold the pose for a count of ten.
– Relax and come back to sleeping pose. Repeat the cycle as needed, preferably at least 6 times.

Gate Pose – Parighasana

Gate Pose

This pose stretches the abdominal muscles, spine, and hamstrings. It helps activate the neglected side part of the body.

– Start from kneeling position on the floor. Stretch the right foot out to the right so that the toes point to the right.
– Place your right hand below your right knee. Raise your left hand above to point to the sky. Look up at your left -hand. Hold the pose for a count of ten.
– Now, repeat for the other side. Do as many cycles as needed but do at least 6 repetitions.

Avoid if you have a serious knee injury. Also, people with fever or a headache must avoid doing this.

Yoga is done slowly and under guidance always. If you should feel any pain or discomfort, stop exercising and take the opinion of your yoga guru.

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