Degenerative Disc Disease is the condition of the spine that is a precursor to many back pain conditions. Here you see the deterioration of the discs of the spine one by one. Yoga can help prevent the on-going deterioration and help prevent any back pain. This condition is common among adults of age more than 50 years.

Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Dog Pose

This pose stretches the back, thigh, and leg muscles. It strengthens the inner core. This will help arrest the decay of the spinal discs. Start from the tabletop position.

– From the hands and knees position, walk your hands forward to the front while raising your buttocks in the air. Push the legs forward.
– Keep your arms and legs straight and your head between your hands. Inhale and tighten the core. Lengthen your tailbone and open your shoulder blades. Hold the pose for a count of ten and then come to the tabletop position.
– Repeat as desired.

Child’s Pose – Balasana

Childs Pose

This pose relaxes your back and spine. It calms the mind and loosens the muscles of the back. It loosens the spine. Start from kneeling position on the floor mat.

– Sit with the big toes touching each other. Bring your hands forward. Your knees must remain as wide as your hips.
– Exhale and push your torso down to the ground. Make your sacrum broad and lengthen your tailbone.
– Feel the pull of the shoulder blades over your back. Lay your palm down on the floor beside you, palm facing up. Feel the skull base lift away from the neck. Breathe deeply.
– Stay in the pose for five minutes.

Thread the Needle – Parsva Balasana

Thread the needle pose

You get good relaxation for the back and shoulders from this pose. It will help strengthen the spine and make it supple. Start from the tabletop position.

– Bring your face down to the floor. Lay your face to one side with the right cheek touching the floor.
– Pull your right hand down and under you. Pass to the left side so that it points straight left. Now your right shoulder will touch the floor. Relax your muscles and shoulders.
– Wait in the pose for a count of ten. Then, come back to tabletop position and then repeat for the other side. Do as many repeats as desired.

Do not do any of the exercises if you have a recent injury or diseases of the heart. If you experience any pain while exercising, stop and consult your yoga teacher before continuing.

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