Written Testimonials

Liya Mabalot, USA

Ekam Yogashala’s integrated teaching program has not only taught me the basics of yoga and introduced me to a new world of complex asanas but has also shown me the way to healthier living. From what I should eat to how I should meditate to keep my mind and body active, Ekam Yogashala has guided me through it all. This process has helped me to take up Yoga professionally today. Their program is a highly recommended one, and after trying it out, I can guarantee excellence. ! It is a must for all yoga enthusiasts.

Stecy Marina, UK

I would highly recommend the teacher training program at Ekam Yogashala, Rishikesh. Not only do they have some of the best trainers that I have come across in my life, but the location is so beautiful. You cannot help but engage in the yogic practices with the view. I was apprehensive about the accommodation at first, but they take care of their guests really well, all in all making it one of the best yoga retreats that I’ve been a part of. You can try it out if you are looking for some self-contemplation.

Michelle, USA

I was looking for a good yoga teacher training program when a friend of mine suggested Ekam Yogashala. I checked out their services online and signed up for their course in Pokhara, Nepal. Nepal itself is very beautiful and packed with the serenity. This was the perfect setting provided by Ekam Yogashala; it was the perfect combination for some asanas. They have a very strict and rigorous program, which, in turn, helped me to immerse myself in yoga. This was one of the most fruitful yoga programs in my life! You can try it out too if you are interested in yoga.

Anna Atanasova, AUS

Ekam Yogashala came highly recommended to me, and I would like to harp on the fact that this is indeed a yoga program that every yoga enthusiast should try out at least once! Their program aims not at only on perfecting the yoga asanas and postures but also gives a brief idea about the philosophy of this practice. This helped us to understand the process better and connect with it more. The location too added to the experience making it, all in all, a yoga retreat that I would like to come back again.

Bryanna, USA

I was always interested in yoga but had no proper initiation into this field. So, I decided to try out Ekam Yogashala’s retreat in Rishikesh. It has been one of the most calming and satisfying experiences of my life. I signed up for their 100-hour teacher training program and went through rigorous training, which promoted me to a healthier and better lifestyle. All the teachers were so kind and helpful; they assisted us when needed. The Yogashala itself is quite organized, and we could concentrate solely on what we had come for.

Adriana, USA

Ekam Yogashala is a must for those who wish to train themselves as a yoga teacher. Their course is internationally certified, and once you complete the course, you can become a yoga trainer anywhere in the world. They gave such in-depth understanding of the process that I had no problem in retaining what I had learnt. I then went on to set up my own yoga training center. . I try to attend most of their retreats every year because it is so much fun and refreshing for the mind as well as the body .

Cornelia, CANADA

For anyone who wishes to enjoy a few days of solitude and train their mind and body, then I would highly suggest Ekam Yogashala’s teacher training program. This has been one of the most resourceful experiences of my life. The teachers and gurus taught us with care and informed us about the various energy centers as well as aspects of yoga we never knew about. . I was going through a rather stressful period, and this retreat helped me to calm myself down and concentrate on a healthier and happier living.


If you want to become a yoga trainer someday, then you should definitely try out the Ekam Yogashala teacher training program. I did, and it worked wonders for me! You can choose any program as they have a few. They are quite intensive, and you are bound to get drawn into them easily. You can learn most of the asanas and the history of yoga through this experience. The teachers are very friendly and open to communication, which also helped me in getting to know yoga as a practice. They gave me an internationally acclaimed certificate at the end of the program, which has helped me to become a yoga instructor.

Macarena Perez, USA

Ekam Yogashala is one yoga retreat that you have to try out! I opted for their teacher training program in Nepal and came back feeling so much better. To be honest, the program is rigorous, but it is so calming and meditative that you will come out of any stress that is in the back of your head. You will also get to know about this practice and its history through this retreat. This has benefited a lot of enthusiastic yoga trainers aspiring to become teachers. This is a highly recommended retreat that one should try out at least once in order to understand and feel what yoga is all about!

Marie Connor, SPAIN

Before I joined the yoga teacher training program of Ekam Yogashala, I was aware of quite a few asanas and postures, but I was never really sure the purpose of each one of them. With this program in Rishikesh, I not only learnt the scientific basis of the postures and which energy points gets activated, but I also now know how yoga was founded in India and the story behind it. This has helped me in understanding the process much better, as well as making me insightful.. I now connect more with yoga and aspire to become an excellent teacher in the field soon.

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