Yoga Poses for Lower Back and Hip Pain

If you have ever felt gruelling pain in your back or have grimaced due to a feeling of tightness in the hips, then you probably know that this suffering is way too severe than an outsider can feel or imagine. Thankfully, there are yoga poses that can be practiced to get relief from such problems. Which yoga poses are we talking about? Have a look here –

Paschimottanasana –


This pose is also referred to as the seated forward fold pose. One of the prime reasons why people feel lower back pain is because of tight hamstrings. A lot of people engaged in sitting jobs complain about lower back pain because of tight hamstrings. By doing paschimottanasana many times a day, you will be able to find relief from lower back or hip pain. This asana works by stretching your spine, hamstrings and Shoulders.

Janu sirsasana –

Janu sirsasana

This pose in English is called head to knee forward bend pose. It resembles the seated forward fold pose and offers almost the same kinds of benefits. It gives a good stretch to your groin area. As a result of which, back pain or hip tightness goes for a toss.

Upavistha konasana –

Upavistha konasana

Also known as the seated wide leg forward bend pose, upavistha konasana aims at strengthening your groin area, the inside of legs and the back. Since you need to keep your legs far apart in this pose, it needs some practice to master it. And that is why it should be done daily.

Bitilasana and Marjyasana –

Bitilasana and Marjyasana

Known as the cow pose and cat pose respectively, these yoga poses offer a good stretch to your entire back. Besides strengthening your back, it also works on your neck, chest, core and hips.

Supta matsyendrasana –

Supta matsyendrasana

This pose is popularly known as the ‘reclined spinal twist pose’ and is one of the most comfortable ones we have here today. With the regular practice of this pose, your back and hips get a good deal of relaxation.

Adho Mukha svanasana –

Adho Mukha svanasana

Also called the download facing dog pose, adho Mukha svanasana is a great yogasana to get relief from back and hip pain. It works by stretching and strengthening your hands, neck, shoulders, lower back, hamstrings, arms and feet.

Aren’t these some really amazing yogasanas to do when you have lower back or hip pain? Well, yes, of course! So, what makes you wait? Start doing these poses right away and save yourself from relentless discomfort.

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