Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga, in Sanskrit, means union, and the meaning of nidra is slumber or sleep. So, yoga nidra is a way to make the mind consciously relaxed. This allows the one in yoga nidra to access the subconscious mind while being in a state of rest. Although this process seems a little complicated, with practice nothing will feel really too tough. This is a state where you need to keep your mind awake while keeping your body at complete rest. And that is probably the reason why people find it a little difficult to do. This is also a state in which you need to drift from consciousness to unconsciousness.

If you haven’t tried yoga nidra before, then you should practice it without hesitation. Here are 10 benefits of yoga nidra you should check out-

1. With yoga nidra, you can offer your body as well as mind some moments of complete relaxation. And isn’t that what you need in the present-day context when life has become so chaotic and full of stress? Although a lot of people say that there is no difference between yoga nidra and sleep, yogis know the former is much more relaxing than the latter.

2. With proper yoga nidra, you will be able to view life from an entirely fresh perspective. You will be able to shape your mind in the desired way and also feel quite at ease. The practice of yoga nidra can resolve depression as well as anxiety.

3. With the regular practice of yoga nidra, you will see a sea of difference in how you sleep. You will be able to sleep better, and problems linked to sleep will go for a toss.

4. This yoga technique helps your mind become sharper, which will enable you to grasp information faster.

5. Experts say that yoga nidra helps improve memory and concentration. Hence, if you are a student and want good academic results, then practicing this remedy regularly is a must.

6. A lot of health problems also get cured when you do yoga nidra on a consistent basis. Some of these health issues include asthma, digestive issues, ulcers, hypertension, insomnia, migraine, etc.

7. Incorporating this into your daily schedule is also said to have a positive impact on your heart health.

8. If you are sick and tired of feeling stressed all the time then, yoga nidra could be a great solution.

9. A lot of yoga practitioners also say that it can awaken the psyche. So, if you are looking for spiritual contentment, then beginning with yoga nidra would be the best bet.

10. Now, the tenth and most important benefit is that yoga nidra will help you have control over your mind. With its practice, you will be able to direct your thoughts or channelize your mind as a whole. By placing something in your subconscious mind while engaging in yoga nidra and concentrating on it will allow you to change your personality in the desired way. And that is why yoga nidra is extremely important for anyone who is looking to change their life, their way of thinking, their nature, character, etc.

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