Yoga Poses to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair fall has become a common problem in men and women these days. With the excessive use of tools, chemicals, and stress, you can be a victim of this hazard. There are many reasons and disorders that are causing your beautiful tresses damages. If you are frustrated with medicines or trying several methods to control and prevent hair loss, you have to give Yoga a chance. It is the most natural way of reducing hair fall.


Stand with your feet together straight and take a deep breath. Exhale slowly and extend your arms upwards. Bend to touch your toes else try to place your full palm on the floor. Stay for about a minute in the position and keep breathing. You can do this exercise for about 10 minutes to prevent hair loss!



Yet another powerful remedy to keep your hair fall in control. Sit with your back straight and legs stretched in front of you. Now, place your hands by your side with the palms down. Start folding your legs one at a time and put them under the thighs. Basically, you should be sitting on your ankles, and your hands must be placed on the thighs. Return to the original position after exhaling and inhaling.



Rest your heels and sit on the floor with your knees touching the ground. Put your hands to clasp the heels and move in front till your head is touching the ground. While doing this, try to raise slowly the position of your hips. Make sure you are breathing evenly throughout the pose. Hold this for 5 counts and get back to the normal position. You can do this for around 5 to 8 minutes for excellent advantage to your hair.


There are several other asanas that can prevent and help promote hair gain in simple steps. Begin your yoga journey to treat countless health ailments.

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