Yoga for Joints

Joint pain is a major problem experienced by people, today. Sadly, this problem is not confined to the elderly alone, even young people have started suffering from issues like joint pain and stiffness. Although there are many yoga asanas that you can do to better your joint health, a little mixing and matching of such asanas with exercises specifically targeted at improving joints, does no harm. So, what makes you wait? Check out these modified yoga asanas that can help immensely with joint pain and discomfort –

How to take care of your knees?

Assume dandasana and make sure your sitting bones are rested on a folded blanket. Now, fold your left knee and bring it towards your chest, placing your hands behind the thigh. Now, use your lower left leg to make big circles. Make sure your leg gets straightened out when you reach the top of the circle. Repeat this pose with your right leg now. By doing this regularly, you will make your knee joint strong and pain-free.

What to do for elbows and Shoulders?

Assume the cross legged sitting position. Touch your shoulders with your fingertips and rotate your elbows. Now, making your elbows point towards your front, with upper arms close to your ears, make big circles. This is a great workout for your shoulders as well as elbows. With regular practice, this asana will help you find relief from pain in the elbows and Shoulders.

Here is what to do to strengthen ankles –

Assume dandasana and make sure your sitting bones are rested on a folded blanket. Now, keeping the rest of the legs steady, first rotate your feet in a clockwise direction and then anticlockwise. Make sure your feet rotate in unison and not individually. Now, take a pause and separate the legs a little and rotate your feet in opposite directions. That means, if one foot is moving clockwise, the other should move anticlockwise. This is a great workout for your ankles. Any discomfort in your ankles can be relieved with the regular practice of this pose.

For your wrists –

Stretch your arms in front of you; make sure they are straight and parallel to the ground. Now, straighten your hands in a manner that the pose looks like your palms are pressed against a wall. Fold your hands from the wrist downwards. Resume the earlier position. Do this for a few times. Now, form fists with your hands and then rotate the wrists. For all kinds of stiffness and pain in the wrist area, this exercise is simply perfect.

By doing these mini asanas, you will definitely be able to see a sea of difference in how your joints feel.

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