Bhagavad Gita is a sacred book that has been inspiring human since ages. Filled with life lessons through the storytelling of Lord Krishna, it has so much to offer. And yes, when one is practicing Yoga, reading this manuscript becomes even more vital. It serves as a theoretical material illustrated with examples that teaches us how mind and soul can be kept in sync.
The Yogic Philosophy of Bhagavad Gita!

Yoga delves in many philosophies, of which karma, reincarnation, Maya, Brahman and moksha play an important role. Bhagavad Gita helps to understand all these Yogic philosophies as Arjun is guided by Lord Krishna through various confusion levels, to take steps which aid in happiness and relieving him from all the suffering of the world. This indeed is the uniting of the soul with mind to create a sense of pure satisfaction which forms the crux of Yoga principles.

Basically, Gita revolves around chapters of which the first six deal with Karma Yoga, the middle six with Bhakti Yoga and the last six with Gynani Yoga. All the three formats are essential to gain true spiritual knowledge. Yoga in its meditation form helps to calm oneself and do a little soul searching. With Karma, Bhakti, and Gyan Yoga, one can actually understand the concept of soul, human body, and exactly, why human beings suffer. Cleansing of the soul to attain a complete liberation to achieve happiness in its purest form is what Gita conveys in a beautiful manner, and hence, reading it is quintessential before practicing the practical asana’s.

Karma Yoga essential portrays a selfless service, which can only lead to Bhakti Yoga or the feeling of faith, which is all divine. Once, one achieves faith, the path for ultimate unity which is the actual Gyan of the world can be achieved. Generally, this state is represented as Moksha, when one is relieved of all the pains and worries of the world and is left with a pure soul.

To understand the underling philosophies of Yoga and see their implementation through examples is what Gita preaches, and hence, inevitably, it is a very important part to go through the script while practicing Yoga.

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