How to Find Right Yoga Teacher Training for You

Want to become a certified yoga teacher? Looking for the perfect training program? Well, opting for a yoga program is one of the best things and life-transforming experiences you can do for yourself. When you undergo the 200 hours of this training session, you will find inner peace and calmness throughout. Having said this, there are tons of choices, and if you are confused on how you can find the perfect Yoga Teaching Training, here are a few ways.

Certified program

Make sure that the training is Yoga Alliance certified, and you will be getting your certificate for sure. There are standards set by the Yoga Alliance for properly structured teacher training programs, and you need to ensure that the school you pick follows all the norms. There might be good non-accredited schools, but it is always better to go to a credited one.

Pick the right time

Once you invest yourself into the program, you will be a part of it for a long time. Even after you finish the training, you will want to put in more time into yoga. Make it a point to keep aside your other jobs or chores you have to give all your concentration to the training and learning yoga. Breaks in between or after the session can disturb your pattern of practicing yoga.

Check out the class size

The average class size of any yoga training program should be around 20 to 25 only. This ensures that every student gets personal attention, and it is a good way to bond with the teacher as well. If you find a program that exceeds more than 25 students, you should look for better options.

Teaching anatomy

Does the teacher training program has a strong anatomy plan? You should research on how every portion of yoga is taught by the instructor. A proper understanding of human anatomy is vital to this program, and it makes a big difference. There are certain methods to be followed in yoga, and if they are not accurate, you are not getting the finest education.

History of the program and school

When you pick a teacher training program and school, go through the history to know about the previous year’s sessions. Check the certification, students benefit, and quality of their training. You need to ensure that you are going to a place with expertise and skilled professionals as you are opting for a training program to become a yoga teacher in the future. There can be several mishaps later for you if you are getting the wrong education on yoga.

Know your instructors

Wondering who will teach you during the program? Want to know a little more about them? Then you must research. Most yoga schools will have information about their yogis or instructors, but you can find out more. Check how they teach, how long they have been doing this, what is their experience in the field and more. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the program and also support your final decision.

Cost of the training

A good teacher training program will cost you around $1000 to $2000. When the price range goes too low or gets too high, you know there is a catch. When looking for a course, make sure that this is the range as most accredited yoga schools offering the teacher training have a fixed price range. You don’t have to pay out of budget to learn yoga!

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