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About Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship in Dharamsala

Ekam Yogashala has brought exclusive 25 days Scholarship yoga teacher training in Dharamsala course for the passionate yogis to garner their yoga skills. In this Scholarship course yoga training will be provided free, but you will only have to pay a small fee for your accommodation and food. It will be a comprehensive yoga course in which students will get free tutoring of yoga including both the practical and theoretical training of the asanas, meditation, pranayama, human anatomy, Mantras, Mudras, History and Philosophy of yoga.

Ekam Yogashala is affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA, so students will be honored with a Yoga Alliance certificate after successfully completing the course.

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

This course is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance, and graduates will be eligible to register 200 hours of Continuing Education (CE) towards their RYT 500 registration.

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Accreditation

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not require any experience before joining the Yoga Teacher training course. But you should be aware of yoga and have a little idea about the same. Practicing yoga a few months before the training is advisable.
Yes, with the certificate of the RYT 200, 300 OR 500 you would be eligible to teach yoga anywhere in the world, and get registered with the Yoga Alliance USA. The Yoga Alliance USA is a very reputed organization to get registered as a professional yoga teacher.
The Yoga Teacher Training course is designed in a way that you would find yourself going deeper into your practice with each passing day. Each form and style of yoga is taught in detail and with great precision.
Apply for the course by filling the short application form and write a few words on “Why you are opting for our Scholarship Yoga program?

Course Full Curriculum

  • tick icon Ashatanga Vinyasa Series-1
  • tick icon Core principles of hatha yoga practice
  • tick icon Structuring and sequencing the postures
  • tick icon Backward bending pose
  • tick icon Traditional sun salutation series with beej (root) mantras
  • tick icon Moon salutation series
  • tick icon Sookshma vyayam ( basic & preparatory movements )
  • tick icon Standing pose
  • tick icon Sun salutation with root mantra series
  • tick icon Forward bending pose
  • tick icon Twisting pose
  • tick icon Inverted pose
  • tick icon Meditative pose
  • tick icon Kneeling pose
  • tick icon Sitting pose
  • tick icon Relaxation pose
  • tick icon Technique, teaching, method, application, contra-indication and benefits of Asana
  • tick icon Point to point full body relaxation technique
  • tick icon Yoga Nidra for insomnia
  • tick icon Emotional body relaxation
  • tick icon Minor and major chakra relaxation
  • tick icon Deep causal body relaxation
  • tick icon What is pranayama?
  • tick icon What are five sub prana in yogic science?
  • tick icon What is Ida, pingala and sushumna nadi?
  • tick icon What is nadi?
  • tick icon Psychological effect of yogic breathing?
  • tick icon Importance of diaphragmatic breathing
  • tick icon Brahmari pranayama
  • tick icon Ujjai pranayama
  • tick icon Sheetali pranayama
  • tick icon Nadi shodhana
  • tick icon Kapalbhati pranayama
  • tick icon Bhastrika pranayama
  • tick icon Yogic Gesture for stress related problems
  • tick icon Internal mudra
  • tick icon Healing Gestures for physical blockages
  • tick icon Bandha for energy leakage
  • tick icon Pranic gestures for awakening energy
  • tick icon Importance of root lock
  • tick icon Eye mudra
  • tick icon Types of Locks in Yogic science
  • tick icon Finger mudra
  • tick icon Introduction of yoga, origin and its history
  • tick icon Principles of yoga
  • tick icon What is Hatha yoga?
  • tick icon What is Raja yoga?
  • tick icon Pancha Koshas: The 5 sheaths of existence
  • tick icon What is mind?
  • tick icon What is chitta ( vrittis)
  • tick icon What is Ashtanga vinyasa yoga? (Eight stages of self balancing and realization)
  • tick icon Four foundational pillars of life
  • tick icon What is chakra?
  • tick icon What is kundalini?
  • tick icon Pancha Kleshas ( five sources of pain)
  • tick icon Prakarti and purusha ( the observer and observed)
  • tick icon What is celibacy and sex in yogic life
  • tick icon What are the Gunas, Prakash, Kriya, Stithi (characteristics of mind)
  • tick icon Three states of consciousness in yogic science
  • tick icon Elements of universe (the process of evolution according to Samkhya Darshan
  • tick icon Chakra meditation
  • tick icon Kundalini meditation
  • tick icon Mantra awareness meditation
  • tick icon Breathing awareness meditation
  • tick icon Inner light meditation
  • tick icon Full moon meditation
  • tick icon Workshop on hip opening
  • tick icon Workshop on backward bends
  • tick icon Workshop on forward bends
  • tick icon Workshop in twisting asanas
  • tick icon What is meaning of Mantra
  • tick icon How to create positive vibrations or energy with mantra yoga?
  • tick icon Mantra for wisdom and fearless living
  • tick icon 10 specific mantras helpful to live a yogic life
  • tick icon Yoic anatomy of spine and its importance
  • tick icon Yogic respiratory system
  • tick icon Muscular system
  • tick icon Yogic joints and skeletal system
  • tick icon Nature of lunar and solar energy and neutral flow energy
  • tick icon Yogic physiology
  • tick icon Yoga safety while doing asana and pranayama practices
  • tick icon Yogic counselling for therapy
  • tick icon Yogic techniques uses as therapy
  • tick icon Yoga therapy for common diseases like Headache, migraine, cold, sinus etc
  • tick icon Therapy for back issues like backache, slipped disk, sciatica, diabetes, thyroid, spinal deformities, obesity etc

How to Apply

To apply for this Scholarship course you have to fill a short form. In which, you have to fill your details and write a few words about “Why you are opting for our Scholarship Yoga Course?”. There won’t be any standardized test or much questioning. Forms will be filtered, but we will try to admit as many students as possible.

Venue And Facilities

Adequate care will be taken to make your stay comfortable. We are located in Naddi, Dharamsala - a place where you can have the best scenic views. All rooms will be airy and beautiful with windows opening to the wonderful view outside.

  • tick iconDouble/Single bed
  • tick iconCoffee table
  • tick iconFree Wi-Fi
  • tick iconLaundry facility
  • tick iconAttached bathrooms with hot and cold running water
  • 200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-in-rishikesh

Healthy Food

School has made special arrangements to offer three times meals to you. We assure that Food will be high quality, vegetarian, and highly nutritious. Wholesome healthy meals will be provided including fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, salad, healthy drinks and herbal tea. Every day you will get the different varieties of the food items.

  • kerala yoga food

What is Included in Course Fees

  • tick icon28 Days Accommodation
  • tick icon1 book Yoga Mala ("by k. Pattabhi Jois")
  • tick icon1 Pen and note book
  • tick iconOne bag
  • tick iconAttached bathrooms
  • tick iconPure vegetarian meals
  • tick icon1 book Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha ("by Swami Satyananda Saraswati")
  • tick iconSatkarma cleansing items
  • tick iconT-Shirt
  • tick iconRiver rafting
  • tick iconYoga Alliance Certification

Course Dates

Ekam Yogashala invites you to come and take part in our various yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats, which will not only help you to nurture your yogic skills but also give you the opportunity to spend a few days completely immersed in the beauty of nature. Here is the list of our Scholarship yoga teacher training in Dharamsala events:

How To Reach Us

Dharamshala is located in Himachal Pradesh and is a beautiful district center and a residence of Dalai Lama. You can reach Dharamshala by flight, train or bus journey. The nearest airport is at Gaggal which is around 13 kilometers from Dharamshala. Gaggal airport also connects this town to Delhi via Air India and Spice Jet flights. You can also reach Chandigarh on the plane and hire a taxi for a beautiful road journey of around 275 km to Dharamshala. You can also opt for an overnight train journey for Pathankot, which is 85 km away from Dharamshala.

Terms and Conditions

  • tick iconTutoring, study material and Yoga Certification is free of cost
  • tick iconAccommodation and food for 850 dollars that includes room either individually or shared basis.
  • tick iconBooking fees of 200 dollars
  • tick iconIt is suggested to book the School much in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
  • tick iconThe payment is non-refundable, non-negotiable and non-transferable until the course is cancelled.
  • tick iconTransport charges are not covered.

Student Reviews

Sierra, USA

Ekam Yogashala is a perfect spot to bring back the mental peace and spiritual evaluation. I was on a team but got individual care and attention to attain the level of benefits that I expected from scholarship course in Dharamsala. Thanks to Ekam Yogashala for offering me such a wonderful opportunity that is not going to happen with anyone else. Words fell short to talk about yoga teachers.

Nancy, UK

I am a yogi now because of Scholarship course of Ekam Yogashala that really made the transformation. Systematic yoga sessions conducted by the real yoga masters in the laps of nature made me realize the mine internal powers and strength. I am happy to spread the knowledge of yoga to others now. I wish you to would be the next yogi from Ekam Yogashala, the temple of yoga.

  • ★ Offering Teacher Training since 2010
  • ★ More than 1000 graduates
  • ★ Intimate class size of 18-20 students max
  • ★ Learn in Paradise, stunning locations
  • ★ Yoga Alliance accredited

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