How Yoga Helps anxiety

Both flexibility and tranquillity can be associated with yoga. Interestingly, you get both when you engage yourself in the regular practice of this amazing form of physical exercise. It is one of those exercise forms that literally make you sweat by making your body work. And still, it’s so relaxing to the body and the mind that you don’t feel as if you have worked hard. But these are not the only benefits you get by involving yourself with yoga, but there is something else also that you receive. You ask what? Well, it is relaxation. And it is this relaxation that helps people with anxiety feel better. So, let’s find out here, how yoga can benefit someone with severe anxiety-

Anxiety is a problem that often gets caused due to shallow breathing. While deep breathing is extremely beneficial for the body, shallow breathing can do harm. But if, however, you are habituated to breathing shallow, how will you ease out symptoms of anxiety? Well, an important aspect of yoga is deep breathing. Yoga inculcates the habit of deep breathing in you. As a result, you never shallow-breathe, and the problem of anxiety ceases to be there. While poses do emphasize on correct breathing, it’s pranayama that brings about the biggest difference. It totally changes the way you inhale and exhale.

Although all yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation are meant to make you feel at ease, there are certain yogasanas that are explicitly meant for making the practitioner feel composed from deep within. Some of these asanas are child’s pose and legs up the wall pose. Besides these, there is an asana that requires you to do nothing but relax; it’s called savasana. Savasana is also known as the corpse pose because of the stature body takes during this asana. In this pose, all you have to do is sleep face-up and be conscious of your breath and relax. The practice of these asanas will sure help you out of anxiety.

Stress and work/family pressure can make you anxious over time. And that is why it’s extremely important to manage stress, which can be best done with the help of meditation, an integral part of yoga.

Yoga is not just about poses, but it’s also about your lifestyle. Eat food that keeps you calm. And stay away from habits and interests that make you hyperactive so that you can stay protected from anxiety.

With so many benefits to reap from yoga in case of anxiety, why should you resort to anti-anxiety pills?

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